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Exclusive Interview and Music Review for BoDee – Two Words

The delightful good vibes created by a stylish and blues-like guitar riff bring this song to life at the beginning. The recording is beautifully polished, the guitar sounds superb, the playing is stylish and mellow; it sets a great scene. The vocal performances that follow are unexpected, but a pleasure


Music Review for Earth by Leair

This song is something special, it’s easy to tell – just after the first few seconds, you find yourself wrapped up in the sound and you want to know what it’s all about. The acoustic guitar playing works so beautifully with the soulful r&b-like tones of the artist’s leading vocal.

Be You Typographic Simple White Desktop Wallpaper

Interview and Music Review for ‘Be You’ by Ace

The classic and vintage sounding piano that brings this track into the spotlight is dark and almost haunting to listen to, it sets a mellow yet serious tone for what will follow. You then get this unexpected fusion with the modern synth sound, and all the while this barely audible

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, your company has helped us to get sponsors, agents, and managers to return phone calls. It’s a great feeling! Thanks!

4i5sFFf9_bigger @InTheStarsBand

I’m glad to know that there are peoplelike who really try and help upcoming artists! Thanks guys. Really appreciate the effort.

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Wanted to say many thanks to for the interview. Check them out, send them love.

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Thanks for the opportunity guys!

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is a great way for independent artists to be heard and seen!

jPgDlO3S_bigger @GuiGuimaraesID

It’s official! Another Day will starting spinning on KISS FM 104.7 for a month beginning Feb. 13!

damfAWUS_bigger @bradschecter

EV is the perfect website to show whats happening with independent music

CZMED19WcAAZqby Rotativos!

I’m glad to know that there are people like who really try and help upcoming artists! Thanks guys.

T9-Fd4ta_bigger Mohamed Ismail

Hi Randy,
Just wanted to give an update…thanks in part, for the work you & your staff did for us, it helped us in signing a publishing & recording contract with a Nashville based entertainment company. Recording starts in mid January!
What do you think about that?
Christofe & Lain

Vn65LZ16_400x400 Christofe & Lain

shout out to , thanks guys

IAy7fk6I_bigger Tayo

is the best…

CF7R0mFS_bigger TCA Music Group

Get your music exposed!!! Check these guys out!!!

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Thank u for the awesome review!!! &Fallen

7bOr2BSd_bigger ILana Tarutina

Thank you guys so much for this. I am in tears because I appreciate the kind words about my music. It has been so hard to keep going at times, but I’m still pushing. I love music so much, and thank you beyond what I can put in words!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ???

photo Jenecia Brown

keep on Exposing Vocals across the globe. We love you.

yojgblaq Manzomate

3 Days, 339 views of the KK REV Monkey video! Exposed Vocals Rocks. KK

album.cover.itunes_bigger KK REV

IM TELLING YA’LL is the way to go for artists getting out there free and legit and its so many great features

xG6LYzgm_bigger lorenzo torez

Thank you soo soo much, that means so much to me. I appreciate yall playing my record. I’m extremely thankful for this opportunity of exposure!!!


BIG THANKS to for exposing me. 😉 want to see the face behind ?

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Shout out to Exposed Vocals! Great time doing this interview!

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S/o to my g supporting movement!

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thanks a million to I just got an and it feels great

FGe5N7jF_bigger P.DICEY

Thank you so much! This is so great! You made one happy singer. X)

4DRTP8A6_bigger Esther Montrose

Thank’s to You did a great job

si2V4T57_bigger DJ Stylegangsta

so sweet! Thanks for the support “

GVt-iWe5_bigger Leonie Sherif

“Shoutout to for my interview!!!”

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“Great interview with for

Pt5GWijD_bigger AEC Music Management

“check out my videos on exposed vocals! Great website! All thanks to my man @RandyMorano ! Thank you!”

LiXt4fPm_bigger CakeSoap Kanye.

“check out exposed vocals for great views and interest from people who care about music”

fr09BlPd_bigger Chaos and Mayhem

“Big thanks to exposed vocals for interviewing me “

Pd_AZR30_bigger liverpoolcrazy

“TTW talks about the band, the roots, plans for the future and more. Many thanks to Exposed Vocals for the interview”

HqgUykTl_bigger Tits,Tats & Whiskers

“11:95 PM interviewed by Exposed Vocals. A special thanks to Randy Morano”

6bOdzd_E_bigger 11:95pm

“S/O Randy Morano for supporting #dastarhouse”

0KdX4lmG_bigger Da Star House

“A big thanks to for their interview and review for me. Cheers folks!!!”

FZkdQDoa_bigger Speirosmusic

S/O to and for helping me get my music out there! Exposed Vocals is no joke! Don’t sleep on those dudes!”

8UH1p0u1_bigger @Graceupz

S/o to Exposed Vocals for putting my music on theirVlog

Sz134wxN_bigger A pimp named $moothe

“Huge S/O to Randy Morano –Big Thank You for directing me to your website–Thank you for believing in us all”

vStQascB_bigger Ronneca Lynn

s/o @ Exposed Vocals showing tha kid Major love def got views,so anybody tryna 2 listen 2 some gd music check me out on here”

e47f2e5d5a2f91180110949731b9ada3_bigger Ka’rona Kassadyne

S/O to Exposed Vocals founder for the support.”

ab063261060e2d1f11e0b5d3e0eaabd9_bigger @ProductionsbyJI

“I just wanna send Exposed Vocals the biggest S/O for the interview, you can log on to to read the whole interview.”

97de69c7d4807e98c4d64629fd426e36_bigger Kidd DiNo

S/o to Exposed Vocals fa droppin my link”

aPx1191Y_bigger IG @looseisdatdope

S/O for this dope interview, Be Sure to CHECK IT OUT”

eLamQsJv_bigger Dirty O

“BIG S/O to for the interview! I really enjoyed it and I look forward to more work with you.”

_s5-9B-6_bigger Be EZ

“Go check out my interview with Exposed Vocals!!! Thanks for the support!!”

97de69c7d4807e98c4d64629fd426e36_bigger Brandon Ladelle

“Special love and thanks to Vocals for this write up & support!”

qirOkc9P_bigger Miranda Writes

“Une jeune belge New York … 🙂 Merci Epictronic Yess, a belgian girl in New York ..Thanks Epictronic !”

WKn6PSmK_bigger Jamie-Lee Smit

Thanks for giving us support and a great place for our music”

fr09BlPd_bigger Chaos and Mayhem

Thanks again to for interviewing me for their fantastic website.”

BSXRRPjq_bigger Twisted Rio

Thanks so much for the amazing opportunity to exhibit a bit of me to the world. God bless !!!”

bngts6t8_bigger Fernand Havugimana

“Had an awesome with Exposed Vocals! Thanks again!”

pWc16Kmj_bigger Jules McDonald

“Relapse” is currently being played on KISS 104.7 FM in Alabama and Georgia! Thanks to Exposed Vocals!”

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thanks to for the dope interview with

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Thanks to Kiss 104.7 FM for playing Exposed Vocals artist new track

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“I read this review and Interview. Thanks for the great experience! Til next time”

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good looking out! It came out fantastic!

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“My new single featured 9am to 1pm Gospel show Kiss 104.7 FM”

w9Y0S18y_bigger Pastor Reese

“Check out my interview for ! Love it! Thanx for the support!”

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“That feeling when you finished an entire song and is ready to be send to Exposed Vocals, for KISS 104.7 FM airplay”

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“shoutout to thanks for the promo”


“My first written review! thank you!

ZNMfzWNZ_bigger Kmc dougal jazz

“Just finished my interview with NYC . Sh*t was dope . Be on the lookout for that”

N4TvCdsv_bigger DoZEu$

“Cirex de los nuestros… en Exposed Vocals”

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“If you’re an unsigned artist be sure to check out and …great people to work with!”

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“Thank You KISS FM .. 104.7. The sound of Atlanta..”

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“‘Secret Lies’ was played on Kiss 104.7 in the US! Thank you for the support!”

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“S/O To For The Feature Hit That Share Button

WA4TNB05_bigger Prospec Flow

“thank you guys for that interview it was a great experience!”

49f0b5123d308ac513a61efa6b992297_bigger Seanie h Shine

“Love what you guys are doing!”

nJd3kC_p_bigger Sam Ghodsi

your project is awesome! i thing is good to help people start on music :D”

-KMIi3U4_bigger @DJWABB

thanks for the love yall”

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Thank you very much with the best support through thick dark path, for ever”

_DtvhBK9_bigger @ayjay_jim

“Kingsland Road’s “Dirty Dancer” Reviewed by Exposed Vocals -“

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“Playing out live on now Stefan Drake – Late Summer Vibes. Stefan will be my guest on Wednesday at 11.30am”

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proxy @SophiaMoJo

“Big Shout out to for the Interview and Support”

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“Another great review of Ed Roman’s album, “Letters From High Latitudes!””

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“Track was played 10 times on Kiss 104.7 FM! Shout out to the whole Exposed Vocals team”

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